The Old Coach

Marcus Burris

Tim Verghese

Marcus Burris

  • Position:DL
  • Measurables: 6’4 262lbs
  • School: Pleasant Grove
  • James Lott Rating: 9.25
  • Status: Uncommitted

James Lott's Prospect Breakdown

Strengths: Looks the part up close, athletic big man playing the Defensive line position.   Good feet, moves like a big Forward on the Basketball Court.  Good frame with high-end physical traits. Versatile player with the ability to play in a variety of positions in both odd and even fronts.  Hard working youngster who has made major improvements in strength and power over the last year. Jumps off the tape with high motor and excellent athletic ability. Long-limbed with broad chest, built shoulders and strong trunk.  Sets and holds the edge with wide base.  Major disruptor who can get into gaps and drive up the field to take it off schedule.  Relentless player who plays through the whistle. Rangy player who can constrict backside lanes and chase the ball downhill. Actively searches to strip the ball. Hands are quick and violent.

Bottom Line: Holds 16 offers

Grade: 9.25

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