The Old Coach

Erick Cade

Tim Verghese

Erick Cade

  • Position: OL
  • Measurables: 6’7 290lbs
  • James Lott Rating: 9.25
  • Status: Uncommitted

James Lott's Prospect Breakdown

Strengths: Excellent length and frame for the position with very long legs and arms. Athletic mover with loose lower body and good flexibility in his hips, knees and ankles. Excellent overall athlete. Shows good initial quickness and movement to get to cut off-blocks when he needs to.  Excellent lateral quickness to gain block positioning.  Athletic feet allow him the ability to adjust to blitzing Linebackers and stunting lineman. Shows good pass-slide quickness to handle edge rushers screaming up the field. Moves like a basketball player with wide base and feet to sustain and mirror rushers.  Hands are up most of the time ready to punch and extend. Prototypical athlete for the OT position.  Has Sunday player ability if he continues to develop.

Bottom Line: 

Grade: 9.25

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