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Beyond The StatZ: feat. Jace Wilson

Recently caught up with 2021 Del Valle QB Jace Wilson to discuss his football background. Wilson is a very bright kid who can really sling it. He’s not your typical 6’3+ quarterback but his tape speaks for itself.

Congrats on the season first of all, I want to know your very first memory playing football as a kid.

My very first memory was when I was 6 years old in Cincinnati, Ohio playing for the reading blue devils. The first play of my football life I carried the ball up the middle for an 80 yard touchdown inside the university of Cincinnati Bearcats home stadium.

Who’s the most influential person in your life right now that keeps you level-headed?

Most influential person would definitely have to be my dad, the guy is basically my best friend and don’t know what i would do without him!!

What are your game day rituals?

My game day rituals are definitely this specific playlist I have and I have to listen to every song before the game starts and i eat an almond snickers bar lol

If you wasn’t playing football, what could you see yourself doing?

I could definitely be a regular student and an artist – after college I would love to coach as well and become one of the best offensive coordinators ever.

Explain the mindset you have as an undersized quarterback.

As an undersized QB, there will always be people doubting you and sometimes even your own coaches. You just have to keep working and control what you can control which is footwork, your reads, making plays and just balling out! The position is definitely evolving and for the better in my opinion.

Which pro player(s) (current or retired) do you watch the most & why?

Russel Wilson, Kyler Murray and Drew Brees – Those guys are all 5’11 and shorter and they are all very successful! It just shows me everyday that if you can play you can play! The measurables are not as much of a factor as it used to be.

In what ways have your coaches played an important role in your life?

My dad has basically been my coach my entire life so having him with me all the time makes the sport and love for it so much easier

What is your favorite play to run?

My favorite play to run would have to be the double post concept where the outside wr will run a deep post, slot wr run a shorter post and then you have the 3rd wr in trips run a wheel. Guaranteed to be a touchdown every time if ran right.

Talk about the most challenging thing you’ve had to overcome ever since you’ve been playing football.

My frame has been the most challenging thing, just me eating more and the weight room helping me out. That’s one thing I will work on this spring – just getting bigger, faster and quicker!

What are your goals after football?

After football I want to come out of college with a masters degree in business, then get on as a ga somewhere and work my way up in the coaching business.

In your own words, define success.

Success is the ultimate feeling of achieving something you have worked for!

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