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Beyond The StatZ: Feat. Walter Sherman-Thompson

Walter Sherman-Thompson (@WalterSherman3_) is one of the most underrated wide receivers I’ve seen in recent memory. A true protean player who can line up outside or inside the numbers and can run every route in the tree with so much grace. Walter have a very refined release off the line of scrimmage which gives him the advantage over any defender that stands across from him. Sherman-Thompson isn’t big in stature but his play on the field is loud every time he laces them up. Walter is as sure-handed as they come. I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention the fact that he willingly plays cornerback as well so that tells you a great deal about his motor. The only thing that’s missing is the notoriety. Walter plays at KIPP Sunnyside High School, which is a charter school in Houston, TX and may not have the lore of other big name schools but that has absolutely nothing to do with his ability. I truly believe that he can play with anyone and can be an asset to any college that gives him a chance. Besides his skill set, Walter Sherman-Thompson is coachable, never make the same mistake true and an outstanding young man. The person may even be better than the player. There’s many interesting things about the 2024 prospect, take a quick dive into his football background to see what the kid is made of.

I want to know your first memory playing football as a kid.

My first memory playing football is when I was 8 years old in the TYFA League and I scored my first and only touchdown that year in the playoffs.

Who is the most influential person(s) in your life right now that keeps you level-headed?

The most influential person in my life right now is my mother because she always has my back no matter what but also at the same time keeps me in check and is real with me.

What are your game day rituals?

My game day rituals are eating at least 3 granola bars throughout the day before the game and praying.

What’s the hardest part about being a student athlete these days with social media being a heavy influence?

The hardest part about being a student athlete now with social media being an influence is staying focused on my short term and long term goals and staying out of drama.

How would you best describe your playing style and what’s your favorite thing about your position?

I would best describe my play style as if Stefon Diggs and Cooper Kupp had a baby. My favorite thing about my position is that it’s controlled by me in terms of What I put it in I get out as a benefit to myself and my team and I can be myself on the field.

Which pro player(s) (current or retired) you relate to the most and why?

3 pro players I relate to the most are Stefon Diggs, Cooper Kupp, and Deandre Hopkins because Stefon is a route runner and go getter, Cooper Kupp is gritty and doesn’t quit, and Hopkins is a business man and he has great hands.

How have any of your high school coaches played an important role in your life?

All of my high school coaches played an important role in my life because they all taught different lessons n carried themselves differently.

What are your individual goals as a player?

My individual goals as a player is to be the best I can be, have less than two drops on the year, and have at least 600 yards.

If you wasn’t an athlete, what could you see yourself doing?

If I wasn’t an athlete I would have a passion for sports medicine or bowling because I love bowling and enjoy it.

What would you like for recruiters to know about you?

I would like recruiters to know that I am a hardworking individual who is persistent through any challenge thrown at me. I’m a team player but I’m not afraid to call my own number when needed.

In your own words, define success.

Success is something that’s worked towards and is beneficial.

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