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Recognition for high school football players is something that most thrive for. Exposure creates opportunity and opportunity potentially brings reward. Obviously success in the classroom comes before anything and nothing happens without it – but I remember there was a time when it was mostly about the production on the field that got you offers. If you could play, YOU COULD PLAY. Now with so much media around combined with football camps, things are much different. A kid can earn athletic scholarships at performance camps as well as 7 on 7 tournaments. At first I was 100% solid in my belief that offers should be based on film. Then I became more involved and understood the process more. I realized that every student athlete situation is different – the team, school, district, amongst other factors play a part in one’s success. There may be a player whose not advertised as much as the next because of things out of his control, but once you see them perform individual drills, there’s no doubt that kid is just as elite. Also, it gives you a complete detailed evaluation, shows off their strengths and weaknesses that the footage doesn’t. Many players aren’t rated correctly just because they attend a powerhouse that repeatedly make deep playoff runs, while others are undervalued just solely off of the total opposite. Don’t get me wrong, film does matter, there’s nothing like in-game speed with pads on. Every twitch or tendency is highlighted and those traits speaks volumes. On the flip side of things, I’ve seen kids dominate workouts but not so much on tape. Matchup problems can cause that and that is why both camps & film should just be a criteria, not a deal breaker or maker. Every high school football player wants to be a top player, and with good footage, camp performance, character & most importantly grades, there’s no limit. Don’t get stuck in the past and think a 3 minute highlight reel will land an offer, it’s not impossible but I wouldn’t bank on it. My advice is put as much work in as possible, stay active during the off season and communicate with your coaches. Let them know your goals from day 1 so that way you’re trending up every year in your high school career. Be a muse to any player who comes behind you. Scholarships aren’t just given to juniors or upperclassmen, you’d be surprised at how many colleges have already had eyes on you since the summer after your freshmen year. Game film and off season camps goes hand and hand. Hopefully, this piece gives you insight and clear up questions you may have had before reading this.

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