The Old Coach


Crying season is upon us, the ending of one and the beginning of another. Unlike the last day of school, the last high school football game is something that no player look forward to in their senior year. However, whether it ends in triumph or sorrow, the finality of it is inevitable. For some, the regular season is all they have to dwell in, but for many others, there’s the playoffs. You spend months during the Spring and Summer preparing for such a grueling game that begins in the Fall. A healthy combination of weightlifting, football drills, dieting, 7 on 7, amongst other training methods actually distracts your mind for what is undoubtedly ahead. While you’re in the thick of the season, there’s no space to think about your final walk on the field so there’s a different level of speech and body language. It’s a long, arduous journey in the beginning and the light at the end of the tunnel seems distant. Although when that time comes, it gives you a real sense of urgency and clarity about your future beyond high school, you still want it to continue. Every postseason game has a favorite going into the showdown and you do not get any second chances. Knowing all of this, it’s still a feeling you can never shake. As the clock ticks down to triple zero’s, you start to reflect on all of the memories you’ve made for the past four years alongside your teammates and coaches. Emotion starts to overtake your body while you embrace your brothers one last time. Unfortunately, that moment happens no matter what – during a sudden heartbreaking loss or a win in the state championship game. There’s no other sport with passion quite like football. It teaches togetherness, builds character and can shape boys into young men. It’s exciting, it’s enticing and the thrill lasts a lifetime. So in conclusion, have fun and cherish those moments because once it’s over, the tears will fall.

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