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Data Safety Instructions For Website Owners

Data privacy is a matter where the old saying “prevention is better then cure” certainly applies. A tiny bit of harmful code posted on your website can cause huge damage. From an ad-hoc pop-up to a compromise of your system, or the theft of a password or session. As part of your data security guidelines it is important to define the frequency and manner in which your system scans for this kind of malicious code. Also, you should determine what safeguards are in place reduce the risk.

Be sure that the software platforms or scripts used on your websites are upgraded regularly. Hackers are targeting security holes in popular web software, and a lack of timely updates can make your system vulnerable. Additionally, you should restrict access to networks or databases to the smallest number of people who are required helpful hints to complete their tasks.

Create a response plan to address any potential breaches and assign one of your employees to oversee this procedure. Depending on your business, you might need to inform law enforcement, customers and credit bureaus. This is a serious issue which should be planned in advance.

Implement strong password requirements for consumer accounts and make sure you have a good method for storing passwords, like requiring the use of upper and lowercase numerals, letters and special characters, or using salt and slow hash functions. Avoid the unnecessary storage of confidential user data, and if you do, limit the risk by encryption the data or the deletion of it after a set period of time.

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