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How to Access the Dark Web

If you’re interested in seeing what lurks in the shadows on the internet, it’s simple to get access to the dark web. But there are risks. Think of it like stepping into a city with hidden back streets: It’s simple enough to explore, but going down the wrong route could land you in trouble.

In short, the dark web is a cesspool for criminal activities which include drug deals, black-hat hacking and terrorism. It’s also a gathering place for those who aren’t a part of society including hitmen, human traffickers and corrupt officials. However, the dark web isn’t entirely bad. It also serves as a kind of liaison between political outcasts and people in the free world and acts as a channel for those who wish to make anonymous tips (whistleblowers).

Tor is a specific browser that lets you access the dark web. It functions a bit like a VPN, encrypting your requests and wiping next page out geo-location tags that your ISP or government might use to track you. Tor improves your privacy since it routes your request through a global network of servers that are volunteer.

Once you’ve installed, and configured Tor After you’ve installed and configured Tor, it’s time to start surfing the dark web. There are still plenty of websites to explore, while the content isn’t well-indexed as it is on the internet’s surface. You’ll find websites where you can purchase illegal firearms and drugs as well as tutorials on how to conceal your digital footprint or launch ransomware attacks.

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