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Investor Portals for Commercial Real Estate

Investors expect to have instant data available to them as the world becomes increasingly digitalized. A good investor portal will provide regular access to documents as well as portfolio performance data and even news. It also assists in streamlined reports that replace spreadsheets, and allows team members to work efficiently by removing long email chains.

Portals for investors should be able to be customized. This will give commercial real estate companies the ability to design the appearance of a portal an extension of their existing website. This creates professionalism and creates an impression that the firm’s clients are well-informed. The most effective software for investor portals has advanced security features that safeguard sensitive financial data. It should be ISO/IEC 27001-certified, and offer a secure 2-step login for its portal and website.

The investor portal should be easy to navigate, with a user-friendly interface. It should showcase the most important financial data in a straightforward and organized way. For instance, it can display the total investment and distribution amounts as well as a list of investment positions. It should also allow investors to review their asset valuation information and balances on loans. It should provide a list of the properties that include descriptions, photos and the location, as well as an easy-to-read graph of total value of the loan.

The investor portal should have features that aid GPs manage their investor relationships. It should permit GPs to keep track of the number of investors who have accessed the information they’ve made available and when, which can be helpful in identifying investment intentions earlier. It should be able to connect to external services like DocuSign for electronic signatures.

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