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The Best Virtual Spaces For Collaboration

You’re likely to use Slack or video conferencing tools if you work remotely. These 2D tools aren’t always the best tools for encouraging connections and collaboration between team members.

This is the reason why virtual spaces for collaboration are so important. The most effective virtual spaces replicate the physical environment of an office by providing meeting rooms, workstations, and common areas that enable teams to quickly locate one another. With a few simple nudges and live chat as they move around the space, teams can engage in organic communication and random encounters that are similar to those that happen naturally in offices in real life.

Kumospace is an online workspace helps to eliminate the need to meet by giving people the sense that they are “working next to someone”. When you need to meet it provides a variety of virtual rooms that are collaborative to suit different purposes, from 1:1 catch-ups and sprint planning to sales demonstrations and project presentations.

Switchboard is a tool for virtual collaboration that elevates the experience of working in a workplace to a whole new level. With its collaborative virtual rooms and canvas, it allows teams to become productive quickly through collaboration with browser-based apps and documents. When the session is over it will save the work of everyone to allow them to pick up where they left off next time.

Other virtual spaces, such as Teemyco and Gather, help to foster team spirit by making it easier for users to check out what their coworkers are up to in the virtual office. It’s easier to identify who is planning an important project, presenting an online sales presentation or taking a virtual break during a coffee break.

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