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Are There Really Any Benefits to 7-on-7?

From the on-going Twitter wars (arguing if it is or if its not) to the 7-on-7 club hype videos it really peaked my interest to get a first hand view of all the hooplah to answer this question for myself.

One of the main goals this season was to learn as much as possible about the 7-on-7 circuit, the players, coaches and administrators to get the real deal to base a respectful opinion.

Fortunately for me majority of the 7-on-7 clubs were gracious enough to allow me the opportunity to get up close and personal with their players, coaches and club families.

This gave me an awesome opportunity to check off the first point of my investigation, understanding and getting a more in depth look into the passion and expertise these coaches have in teaching the fundamentals and the finer points of the passing and coverage game.

What I found was, lots of coaches aren’t all crazy about winning a football game more so most of the coaches that I’ve encountered are more in tune to ensure proper technique and skill development.

First hand for me this year’s 7-on-7 experience has given me a different view of athletes and players now when I cover camps. Now when I attend a camp it jumps out to me just by watching the technique of the different players, I immediately am able to distinguish who plays 7-on-7 and who doesn’t. From the poise and accuracy of the quarterbacks, to the crispness of a receivers route and down to the lockdown technique of a covered corner in 1-on-1s, I now immediately notice the difference. Especially during 1-on-1’s you seem to notice an air of overall confidence in their abilities to perform; you can surely tell they’re not a stranger to this situation.

Next on my list was, the atmosphere and venues.

The atmosphere to me was truly amazing the club families were definitely a family, in their bonds and interactions. Not to mention the venues were also first class I could go on and on about the various places I had the pleasure to attend, but one in particular I mention here is the National Pylon 7-on-7 Championship in Atlanta, GA.

If you’re like me and you know football then you know Atlanta has a ton of facilities to host a 7-on-7 championship. But to show the passion and dedication to ensure these athletes have the utmost experience to foster a deep passion for the love of football. The Pylon 7-on-7 CEO and Co-Founder Baron Flenory went all out! This year’s event was hosted in none other than the Atlanta Falcons home field the Mercedes Benz Stadium.

First rate all the way!

During my time at the National Championship I visited and hung out with the players from various organizations and these guys were truly amped to be in such a lit venue. The opportunity to be in Mercedes Benz Stadium and to realize this is where professional football players perform every single player that I spoke with seemed to have a rejuvenated focus and excitement for their upcoming high school football season.

With all this said and from my experience I can truly say I have answered my question. Are there really benefits to 7-on-7?

Yes, for me without a doubt I can say 7-on-7 certainly seems to develop a more refined position player and help with developing confidence and technique.

From a holistic standpoint when it comes to ensuring you develop a player to meet and exceed their full potential to carry that same confidence into those Friday night lights, I would say 7-on-7 is definitely beneficial.

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