The Old Coach

Chad Lindberg

Tim Verghese

Chad Lindberg

  • Position: OT
  • Measurables: 6’6 305lbs
  • School: Clear Creek
  • James Lott Rating: 9.25
  • Status: Uncommitted

James Lott's Prospect Breakdown

Strengths: Fires out of stance with good pad level and knee bend. Does a good job of accelerating
into and latching onto defenders. Punch and extend blocker with decent hip drive and push. Solid
technician who has been taught some of the early fundamentals. Shows good athleticism, feet and
agility. Moves with balance and body control. Initial footwork in run game is solid. Shows good
quickness on reach blocks and can get to his target most of the time. Appears to be pretty smooth
on pass slides with hands that are always punch ready. Uses his inside hand to protect against spin
moves. Can mirror rusher and rarely breaks down to lunge or lean on edge rushers. In constant
state of mirroring rusher and rarely breaks down early to lunge or lean around the edge.

Bottom Line: Was a first-team all-district selection as a sophomore. Holds 37 offers. Under Armour All-American.

Grade: 9.25

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