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Safe Business Management

The management of safe business operations requires a systematic, ongoing effort to find and fix workplace hazards before employees get hurt. It’s usually referred to as a Safety and Health Management System (SHMS). A SHMS requires leadership support and worker participation (including unions that are present in your organization) Hazard assessment, prevention and control opportunities for education and regular program evaluation.

Traditional methods blame worker-related accidents. Herbert W. Heinrich’s 1930s theory that 85-95 percent of accidents stem from unsafe actions of individuals led to an array of behavioral-based safety (BBS) approaches. More recently the people who advocate for quality approach to safety recognize that accidents are caused by processes and systems, and employ quality tools to lower the likelihood of them occurring.

Managers must be able to convey the message that ensuring a safe workplace is a crucial aspect of their job. This can be accomplished through explicit comments, performance reviews, and bonuses. LyondellBasell, for example provides clear instructions to managers that no matter how low the OSHA recordable injury rate is and if a serious injury happens on the site they will not be able to receive a bonus.

SAFe is scalable and configurable. This allows each organization to adapt the Framework to fit their own development environment. To enable this, SAFe includes a spanning palette with additional roles and artifacts that aren’t part of Essential SAFe. Click on each icon to find out how it can applied in your specific context.

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