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VTO Sports Elite 100 Exposure Camp: Review

VTO Sports held their 5th exposure camp in Houston, Texas and their first at the new CE King High School facilities. There were 100 student-athletes that competed from 8th to 12th grade. The elite 100 offered events such as Combine Testing, Position Specific Drills, Team Drills, One-on-Ones, Linemen Challenges, as well as 7 on 7. I must say this was one of the better ran camps I’ve ever seen and covered – very time efficient and professional. The coaches and trainers were thoroughly patient with every kid. No one was forced to do a drill they didn’t want to compete in and was offered another option instead. One of the best things I saw was during weightlifting. Some kids are just naturally built different than others genetically so instead of having an athlete sit out, they were asked the amount they are comfortable lifting or they could simply choose to do push-ups. I loved seeing that because at the end of the day it’s all about making them better than they were before they attended and it builds morale. It was stressed that the players who received an award, would be the ones who earned it, not due to stars or rankings and I believe that gave every athlete hope and made them work hard in every drill. Everything went smooth – there was zero disrespect of the players, coaches or staff. During One-on-Ones and 7 on 7, not only did the coaches and trainers take the time to lend their expertise individually when needed, but some of the players themselves were knowledgeable enough to step in to get each other right. There were a ton of freshmen that were exceptional throughout the day and the one that caught my eye the most was QB Kelan Brown out of Refugio High School. Every ball was placed perfectly and it looked as if it was on a string! Although Brown did not win the quarterback MVP, he displayed good arm strength when needed and you could tell his footwork had been a point of emphasis in the past. Overall, I’d give Coach Vince and VTO Sports an A+ on a successful event – looking forward to next year! Here are some pictures of the finalists and MVP’s by group.

DE Jonathan Bax, Edna Karr HS
(Defensive Lineman MVP)
OL Andres Avila, Harlingen HS
(Offensive Lineman MVP)
RB Keith Willis, North Forrest HS

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