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I knew one day I would have to write one of these articles.  Fortunately, some of my best friends in the #txhsfbmediamafia have written these, so I can see a wide variety of approaches one can take with these kinds of articles.

At the same time, I have to be true to myself – and ramble endlessly about a multiplicity of things – so hopefully buckle down, fight through it to the other end and perhaps we’ll come out on the other side not feeling that we wasted each other’s times.

This is where the professor rides away…

In 2009, The Old Coach and David McNabb gave two Matt’s an opportunity to get back on the saddle was it were.  13 years later, I feel like I can say I left the website, the brand, and the legacy a little better than I found it.

In that 13-years, on a personal level, I started my family (11-year-old twin girls, now in the Plano East feeder system!) and became a college professor after my full-time sports-writing retirement.  My whole time at The Old Coach, my wife, my children and I never got to watch Plano East defeat Allen! 

I’ve watched the site move from Rivals to Scout and ending fiercely independent.  I’ve watched the birth and death of a magazine – the only entity that ever challenged THE Texas High School Football Magazine.  I worked beside amazing people and amazing friends; I came here with Matt Stepp who would become the Putt Powell Sportswriter of the Year in 2021 after moving to his dream job at Dave Campbell’s.

We’ve laughed through some good times, and we’ve cried during some bad times; having to say goodbye to a High School Football icon when David McNabb passed away in 2017 from cancer. 

The rebirth of the website has been a blessing for me.  Some of the young talent who has come through here in the last three years have parlayed their talents into other journalistic, videography and on-air endeavors across Texas and the United States. 

I am so grateful to all of the full-time sportswriters, radio broadcasters, television talent and freelancers that still welcome me as part of their fraternity.  You have never treated me like a part-timer or an outsider, and I am filled with gratitude for the way you continue to treat me.

I am so grateful to all the coaches, athletic directors and administration, stadium managers and support staff that allow me to tell the stories of your programs every Thursday, Friday and some Saturdays every fall.  Without your credentialing process and trust to allow me to do it, well, I couldn’t do what I do!

For The Old Coach, who let me call a couple of Allen State Championship games on the radio stations that still own the rights to the Allen broadcasts, I’m eternally grateful for trusting me to represent your brand over these 13 years.  I’m glad to know I’m always welcomed back, and I’m grateful that we’ve built a friendship stronger than sports writing. 

My journey in the high school football sports world is far from over, and I’m excited to open up the next chapter very soon. I will still be a big part of the high school football coverage world in DFW. For now, to plagiarize the great philosopher George Strait..

This is where the professor rides away..

See you soon. 

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