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What to Include in a Data Room for Investors

A virtual data room is a key aspect of fundraising for a variety of startups. It lets companies easily share important documents with investors for due diligence without having to email them a large number of confidential files. It’s important that startups know what information they should include in investor data rooms so as to avoid unnecessary time.

Investors may expect to see a pitch deck, but they’ll also want to have access to the most recent financial data (historical and projections). Investors will want to look at the business model of your company in depth, so they’ll want to examine cash flow statements as well as investment case studies, discounted cash flow models and discounted cash flow analyses. They’ll also likely to review your monetization plan and valuation calculation.

In addition, to the basic financials, they’ll want to see your IP information, including trademarks, patent filings, and other IP assets that are relevant to your business. They will also want to see any customer or employee reference letters. They’ll also need to review any agreements you may have with your current customers or investors.

You will need to track who has accessed the documents after they have been reviewed. This is a key characteristic of all investor data rooms since it permits you to take appropriate action if any issues arise with the use or disclosure by an individual of information about your company. A good VDR for investment banking will give you one view of your documents and allow the user to limit or revoke access to documents if required.

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