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Interview with Iowa Commit, Bishop Dunne TE Elijah Yelverton

Elijah Yelverton is a 3-star junior at Bishop Dunne. Yelverton is the 13th ranked tight end in the nation and 2nd in Texas. Before committing to Iowa, Yelverton held 36 offers from the likes of Florida, LSU, and Georgia.

Yelverton opened up to The Old Coach’s Arath Brito on why he picked Iowa and what his mindset is moving forward.

Arath Brito (@ogunotres) : What made you pick Iowa over all the other schools that recruited you?

Elijah Yelverton (@yelverton2002) : What made me pick them over everyone else is the tradition at the Tight End position. The coaches are awesome and do a great job of getting them to the league. Also, their fan base definitely stood out to me throughout my process.

Arath Brito (@ogunotres) : Will you still be visiting any other schools?

Elijah Yelverton (@yelverton2002) : No I won’t be visiting anywhere but Iowa.

Arath Brito (@ogunotres) : Why did you choose to Commit now instead of earlier or later?

Elijah Yelverton (@yelverton2002) : After praying and talking with the family I knew it was the right place and now was the right timing.

Arath Brito (@ogunotres) : What are your expectations for yourself next season with the big decision out of the way?

Elijah Yelverton (@yelverton2002) : Now I’m just focusing on the season and not distracted by the recruiting process, so just planning on balling out and getting ready for Iowa.

Arath Brito (@ogunotres) : What are some of your goals for yourself and your team next season?

Elijah Yelverton (@yelverton2002) : We are definitely going to win the ring again, that’s the goal.

Arath Brito (@ogunotres) : What are some things you want to improve on during the off season?

Elijah Yelverton (@yelverton2002) : First thing I want to improve on is explosiveness and do a lot of hill work.

Arath Brito (@ogunotres) : What will you major in at Iowa?

Elijah Yelverton (@yelverton2002) : Most likely business.

Getting to know Elijah Yelverton

Arath Brito (@ogunotres) : Who’s your favorite football player?

Elijah Yelverton (@yelverton2002) : Travis Kelce

Arath Brito (@ogunotres) : What’s your go-to food?

Elijah Yelverton (@yelverton2002) : Macaroni and Cheese no doubt.

Arath Brito (@ogunotres) : Who’s your favorite football team?

Elijah Yelverton (@yelverton2002) : The Dallas Cowboys.

Arath Brito (@ogunotres) : Who’s your favorite artist?

Elijah Yelverton (@yelverton2002) : Travis Scott.

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