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Texas high school football will forever be linked to greatness. One of, if not the best state for high school football is known for its grit, competitive nature, speed and producing winners. The Lone Star State by far had the most selections in this year’s draft. Former Allen Eagles QB Kyler Murray is widely recognized as being synonymous with the term “GOAT”. Murray won 3 state titles (two 5A-D1 titles, one 6A-D1 title) during his tenure at Allen while never losing a single game. Passing for 10,366 yards, rushing for 4,267 yards and scoring 185 total touchdowns – it’s hard to deny Kyler of the crown. However, there’s a dual threat signal caller that have donned the North Shore colors for the past three seasons that may soon have an argument.

Newly Auburn Tigers commit Dematrius Davis can stop playing right now and he’ll be referred to as a legend. Davis will not have an unblemished record but unlike the great Kyler Murray, Davis will be a four year starter, with two 6A-D1 state championships on his résumé prior to his senior year. Much like those Allen Eagles from 2012-214, spearheaded by Kyler Murray, North Shore will go down as one of the best when it’s all said and done – with many great players from the past three years on it but the one consistent has been Dematrius Davis. The Mustangs have missed key players due to injury, graduating to the next level, etc. The train never stopped with Davis at the helm. Even with being in the most brutal playoff bracket of recent memory, it is clear that the boys from the Eastside showed up against any fellow powerhouse. The four-star standout won back to back state final MVP’s so you already know the value he brings to his squad. He’s coming off a season where he posted over 4,000 total yards through the air and on the ground – oh yea and he tacked on 54 total scores as well. Both Murray and Davis are generational talents, around the same height, dual threat quarterbacks with the ability to leave your jaw on the floor every time they drop back. I know some people may not want to indulge in the comparison but it’s becoming inevitable. With another superb season from Dematrius Davis, the noise will only get louder. Although the #TXHSFB king can be debated, Murray went on to win a Heisman award and become the number 1 overall pick in the 2019 NFL Draft so Davis have a ways to go if he wants to accomplish that feat. Two dominant athletes with an embarrassment of accolades. Unfortunately, football is not a one on one sport and neither Kyler or Dematrius high school teams can play each other to find out who’s really the best – subsequently there will always be the “what if” question. So, which player do you select?

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