The Old Coach

Billy Bowman Jr.

Tim Verghese

Billy Bowman

  • Position: ATH
  • Measurables: 5’10 175lbs
  • School: Denton Ryan
  • James Lott Rating: 9.25
  • Status: Committed (Texas)

James Lott's Prospect Breakdown

Strengths: Very good athlete who plays multiple positions including Wr. CB and RB. He also is a returner in the kicking game.  Excellent football player who does a lot of things very well the ball. Smooth route runner with good speed in and out of his breaks.  Plays with consistent play speed and shows good hands as a pass catcher.  Excels at both man and zone coverage as a CB. Plays with confidence and believes he can make plays on both sides of the ball.  Shows good feet and twitch to trigger and jump on out routes. Ball hawk in short to intermediate passing games. Physical player, willing tackler who steps downhill and doesn’t shy away from contact.  Very good football player who contributes in numerous facets of the game.

Bottom Line: Texas commit.

Grade: 9.25

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