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In His Own Words: Texas Commit DeGabriel Floyd Gives Advice

What should athletes prepare in their early stages of the recruiting process?

“Well first I want to say early on in your recruiting process, never be thirsty or eager for a certain offer because 9 times out of 10 for most kids it’s Ohio st or Alabama or some big name school and that’s not realistic. My first offer was Pittsburgh my freshman year and although they aren’t a big name they’re known and they’re a Division 1 program so I was excited, as everyone who gets that offer should be.”

How can athletes determine what’s the right school for them?

“The next thing would be to know your worth, and that can go two different ways. Being realistic with yourself is key, knowing what caliber player you are is the first step to being in a good position throughout your recruiting process. Knowing the level of potential you have and can excel will tell you what school is best for you, whether it’s D1, D2, or even D3. Another part of knowing your worth is communication, if a coach doesn’t go out their way to see what’s going on with you then they aren’t very interested and don’t need you. If they only talk to you about football is another thing you should be aware of. If a coach doesn’t try to build a relationship and know what type of person you are then that shows that they are just interested in your athletic capabilities.”

What helped you shape your decision on committing to The University of Texas?

“Lastly I would say don’t rush into anything. I was committed to USC for 8 months and thought that’s where I would be signing in 2019, but not once did I feel the way I feel now being committed to Texas. Texas is my home, where I have family, friends, a safe environment, great academics, a chance to make an impact in the program early, great coaches who I include in my family circle, and I love the state. That’s why I committed to Texas and will be there earning my spot as soon as possible. I knew I was going to go to Texas after my first trip, once I stepped on campus it felt like home because they checked every box on my list. But I still left that great visit uncommitted because I didn’t want the glitz and glamor that I saw in that few days to make me think I needed to make the decision then and there. I talked to other schools, while talking and building a great relationship with Texas, came back on another trip, felt the same way I did the first time and it was a wrap. I was suppose to take trips to Auburn, Oregon, Georgia, Arizona St, Florida, and UCLA, but I canceled them all because they were a waste of my time. So I knew what I wanted to do, but I took the right steps leading up to making that decision. Although I didn’t go see what all those other schools had to offer, why go see other schools when you know in your heart there’s one that has everything you could dream of.”

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