The Old Coach

Clayton Smith

Tim Verghese

Clayton Smith

  • Position: OLB
  • Measurables: 6’4 215lbs
  • School: Texas High
  • James Lott Rating: 9.5
  • Status: Uncommitted

James Lott's Prospect Breakdown

Strengths: Unique combination of length, speed and athleticism.  Rangy kid, covers lots of ground with long strides to make plays all over the field.  Good change of direction for taller player.  Long limbs and twitch to spring into a tackle from a mile away. Will chase down the line of scrimmage from backside and make plays in the backfield.  Very elusive in open space dodging blockers and sifting through traffic in pursuit of the ball. Has the speed and traits to be effective in man coverage once he learns the technique.  Comes off his edge as a pass rusher and gets instant pressure on the QB.

Bottom Line: 57 tackles and 9 TFLS as a sophomore at Texas High.

Grade: 9.5